Benefits & Affects of Clinical Canine Massage

Massage has long been recognised for it’s benefits & affects in the human workd but how about your dog??IMG_0803

This hands on, manipulative therapy which not only addresses the primary issue but treats the body as a whole relieving the body of muscular imbalance & areas of overcompensation.

Not only does it directly benefit the muscular system but has overall, positive effects on the lymphatic, nervous, cardiovascular & skeletal systems

* Release of tight, restricted, congested muscles leading to improved mobility, more fluid gait, reduced pain levels

* Release of painful trigger points & localised ischemia

* Resolved or improved lameness 

* Remodelling of debilitating & restrictive scar tissue

* Myofascial Release to normalise the fascia & improve muscle function

* Quicker, smoother recovery from injury

* Reduction of issues & Enhanced performance in the competition dog

Will my dog benefit from Clinical Masage Therapy??

Clinical Canine Massage Therapy can have a profound, positive effect on the dog & plays a key role in the management of chronic, painful orthopaedic conditions …

– Arthritis 

– Hip Dysplasia 

– Spinal Disease

– Cruciate injury/disease

– Elbow Dysplasia


– Soft tissue/muscular injury

* muscular strains are the most common seen soft tissue injury, strains respond quicker & better to massage therapy than any other form of physical therapy *