Costs & Contact

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Nottingham Canine Massage

Telephone; 07791 060641


Facebook: Nottingham Canine Massage


Costs: from 1st July 2017

Initial consultation, approx 1 1/2 hour duration £35

to include:

– full consultation 

– static & gait analysis 

– superficial palpation 

– 45-50 minute full Clinical Canine Massage treatment 

– follow up support & home care plan

Follow up consultations, approximate 1 hour duration, to include reassessment & 45-50 minute full massage treatment £32

Dogs can be seen in the comfort of your own home or at my clinic base at the Nottingham Canine Hydrotherapy Centre, Hucknall

*Travel fees may be applicable to home visits outside a 15mile radius of my clinic base – to be discussed at time of booking*


Nottingham Canine Massage is required by law to obtain written veterinary consent prior to any therapy taking place, in respect of Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 & Veterinary Exemptions Order 2015

Download Veterinary Consent Form: Veterinary Consent 2018




2 thoughts on “Costs & Contact

  1. Hi Karen, my chichuawa x Jack Russell 7 month puppy has been holding up one hind leg….worse after resting, he definitely wants to run around, but if we lift him he can yelp, he now seems to struggle to get up when laying on the affected side. Vet has prescribed anti-inflammatories, but he was sick so we stopped then toughnthe vet said to try them again. We didn’t want an X ray as we wanted to avoid an anaesthetic if possible, however we think we may have to have the X ray as he isn’t improving. We are restricting exercise, and using an infra red light, and I,m a Bowen therapist not canine trained however, though I did do an equine course so feel it can’t harm him.
    Would you recommend he is x rayed before seeing him? Obviously when we speak with the vet he may recommend that before physical,therapy.


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